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SF double – wall tank

* S&F Double ‒ wall Tank is a truly innovative product; it has a double ‒ wall structure consisting of a primary steel tank and a secondary FRP tank, and it is equipped with sensor for monitoring leakage. The seamless secondary FRP tank is manufactured using our advanced spray-up technology.  FRP layer protects the tank from rusting due to electrical corrosion. 

FRP: Fiber-reinforced plastic.



Excellent in Economy, Safety and Quality:


1.Automatic production makes prices reasonable.

2.Reduced construction costs and construction time due to elimination of a tank room


1.Constant leakage monitoring

2.Primary steel tank is leak proof by pressure test

3.Secondary FRP tank is KHK (Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association) certification.

4.Capable to store alcohol blended fuels


1.Measurement of tank wall thickness, pinhole check, water / air pressure and decompression test are conducted to ensure high performance.

2.Highly durable FRP thickness

3.Pressure control throughout the installation

4.ISO9001 quality control

* Leak monitor 

Leakage due to corrosion of the steel layer is detected before it causes soil contamination.